IT Consultant

I'm a jack of all trades, but my roots lie in Information Technology. I provide IT consulting for all your computer needs. If you are interested in more information, click here.


Photography is my passion. There is nothing better than grabbing your camera and capturing memory for others to appreciate. If you're interested in checking out my Portfolio, click here.

unbounded trekker

My passion for travel is second to none, with no end in sight. Check out to learn about my adventures, photos, and blog posts. You might even pick up a few tips for your next adventure too!

Trustworthy. Creative. Quality.

These are just a few words people use when describing my work, and more importantly my character. I channel my passion for computers and technology into diversity so I can find a way to help with just about any issue. When I need to get away from the computer, I grab my camera and tap into my creative side to preserve memories that will last a lifetime. From time to time, I am fortunate enough to grab my camera and venture out to discover the world and what life has in store.

I pride myself on being a Jack of All Trades. Critics would argue that being too diverse depraves me of being able to focus and excel at a single trade; I beg to differ. Instead of diluting my focus, I maintain a well developed balance to yield optimal results and meet, if not exceed, a client's expectations.

Feel free to browse my portfolios, and contact me with any questions.